Courtney Vogel Golf

Graduation Year: 2016

High school: Pacific Grove High School

Residence: Pebble Beach, CA

(Moved from Greenville, SC in April 2014 and from Woodland, CA in August 2015)

Club Affiliation:

Monterey Peninsula CC, Pacific Grove GL

Age: 18

Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranking: 414

Average score: 75.6

150 yard club: 7 iron

Average Driving distance: 265

Height: 5'8

Weight: 140

Other sports played: Basketball, Softball, Soccer

Hobbies: Running, photography, being outdoors

Favorite things: Starbucks, salads, frozen yogurt, fruit, and exercising

Hi there!

My name is Courtney Vogel and I am a competitive junior golfer in the state of California. I am part of the class of 2016. I play golf because I love the game and competition. My goal is to play golf in college and beyond. I love working hard and being part of a team. I've always known that when I work hard at something, I get a much better outcome. Other than golf, academics are top priority to me. Unlike many students, I love to study and read. When I'm not playing golf, I'll most likely be on a beachfront reading a really good book. I cannot wait to see what the future will bring me! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and I hope you can take the time to come watch me in a tournament!